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Recall recovery strategy

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How will General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra ultimately see the company through the recent (and highly publicized) ignition switch investigation and subsequent recalls? Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeremy Hayzlett weighs ...

Pushing it to the limit

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Given that original Dodge Challengers tend to fetch a King’s Ransom today, it is highly unlikely you’ll ever see one being put through its paces like this — which makes watching original road tests of such musclecar i...

Clarkson’s early days

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We all have to start somewhere and Jeremy Clarkson’s early days on Top Gear began covering auto jumbles instead of burning rubber in Aston Martins. Did anyone back then imagine what a global phenomena both the show an...

Mazda’s move upmarket

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Back in 1988 Mazda aimed to take on the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz with its 929 midsize sedan. At that time, actor (and car guy) James Garner was the voice of Mazda’s commercials. Twenty-five years later, do you t...

Better than Bullitt?

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Some aficionados will argue that the car chase scene in Ronin (1998) even trumps that from Bullitt (1968). So which is it? The streets of Paris or San Francisco? Since we’ve got both posted on the site now, why not ju...

Making cars in the Middle East?

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How do you deal with 30 per cent youth unemployment? In Saudi Arabia’s case you take a serious look at starting your own automobile manufacturing base. (Source: BBC News via YouTube)

Have European sales bottomed out?

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Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols comments on November’s car sales in Europe. Although things are still far from rosy, especially for automakers such as Fiat and PSA, demand in countries such as Spain and the UK actually pushe...

Living the dream

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It promised so much and in reality delivered so little. Yet the DeLorean has become an ’80s icon, thanks to its association with the Back to the Future trilogy. Take a look at this vintage commercial. Would it have in...


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City cars are great for nipping around town but they can also be rather adept at playing soccer as well. (Source: BBC Top Gear)

They don’t make ’em like they used to

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In 1972, the Centurion was Buick’s sportiest model in the division’s full-size lineup. The narrator in this vintage road test describes overall stability as “very good.” How the concept of handling has changed! (Sourc...

The kid in all of us

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There’s an old saying that women grow up but men just get older, as this Kia commercial from our cousins in Australia would attest. Show of hands, how many of you remember this tune from back in the day? (Source: YouT...

Direct approach

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Bloomberg correspondent Megan Hughes reports on Tesla’s efforts to sell directly to the public in the U.S. and the obstacles that is causing for both the automaker and its customers. (Source: Bloomberg)

Best chase scene ever?

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Many argue that the classic car chase scene in Bullitt (1968) will never be equaled, despite the number of times that VW Beetle appears. Judge for yourself. (Source: YouTube)

Go big or go home

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Interesting promo video for the 2012 LA Auto Show which opens this Friday (Source: LA Auto Show)

Doomed from the start?

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Henry Ford II doesn’t seem convinced in this promo statement for the Edsel brand, launched for 1958 and terminated two years later. If you were a dealer back then, would you have signed up for the franchise? (Source: ...

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