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A tribute to the “Rainmaster”

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Ayrton Senna was considered the greatest driver of his generation. Since 2014 marks 20 years since his fatal accident at Imola, here’s a tribute to the one and only “Rainmaster.” (Source: YouTube)

Andy Garcia comments on his Top Gear stint

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A behind the scenes look as the Hollywood legend takes his turn as the star in a reasonably priced car. (Source: Top Gear)

AutoNation CEO supports Tesla’s retail model

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Mike Jackson, CEO of public dealer group AutoNation in the U.S., says he supports Tesla’s corporate retail model but doesn’t see it as a threat to the franchise system, which he views as still being the most efficient...

Battling ’till the end

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Rush has highlighted the incredible story of the 1976 Formula 1 season, but here’s another gem from F1’s golden decade — a battle to the bitter end between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux in 1979. (Source YouTube/ B...

Best chase scene ever?

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Many argue that the classic car chase scene in Bullitt (1968) will never be equaled, despite the number of times that VW Beetle appears. Judge for yourself. (Source: YouTube)

BEST of Supercar SOUNDS 2012!

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You can just turn up the speakers, close your eyes and listen to this video featuring the sights -- but mostly the sounds -- of incredible supercars.

Better than Bullitt?

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Some aficionados will argue that the car chase scene in Ronin (1998) even trumps that from Bullitt (1968). So which is it? The streets of Paris or San Francisco? Since we’ve got both posted on the site now, why not ju...

Biggest burnout ever

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Australia’s Summernats, in Canberra, is home of the world’s biggest burnout contest. In January 2013 the event set a record when 69 cars completed a 30 minute burnout. (Source: Summernats via YouTube)

Car Enthusiast… look at it from our eyes

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This video provides an inside view of what a car means to these individuals— it's involvement in lifestyles.

Clarkson’s early days

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We all have to start somewhere and Jeremy Clarkson’s early days on Top Gear began covering auto jumbles instead of burning rubber in Aston Martins. Did anyone back then imagine what a global phenomena both the show an...

Classic Car Commercials — Small Cars

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A compilation of some classic car commercials from the paranoia about the invasion of European cars to classics like the AMC Pacer this will bring back a few memories.

Direct approach

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Bloomberg correspondent Megan Hughes reports on Tesla’s efforts to sell directly to the public in the U.S. and the obstacles that is causing for both the automaker and its customers. (Source: Bloomberg)

Doomed from the start?

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Henry Ford II doesn’t seem convinced in this promo statement for the Edsel brand, launched for 1958 and terminated two years later. If you were a dealer back then, would you have signed up for the franchise? (Source: ...


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City cars are great for nipping around town but they can also be rather adept at playing soccer as well. (Source: BBC Top Gear)

EV celebration

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“Charge Across Town,” electric vehicle week in San Francisco, highlights the growing popularity of EVs in the city. One in five pure electric vehicles in the U.S. were purchased or leased in San Francisco last year. (...

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