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Direct approach

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Bloomberg correspondent Megan Hughes reports on Tesla’s efforts to sell directly to the public in the U.S. and the obstacles that is causing for both the automaker and its customers. (Source: Bloomberg)

Better than Bullitt?

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Some aficionados will argue that the car chase scene in Ronin (1998) even trumps that from Bullitt (1968). So which is it? The streets of Paris or San Francisco? Since we’ve got both posted on the site now, why not ju...

Good enough even bank robbers will finance it

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In the 1960s, General Motors’ Pontiac division had some of the most creative advertising going. Check out this Bonnie and Clyde style ad for the 1968 GTO (Source: YouTube)

World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

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The first drag race was so fun, it's worth watching Motor Trend do it again.

No steering wheel, non threatening (yet)

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Google’s ambitious plan to build its own car. Designed to look non-threatening and intended for city use, could this humble looking machine change the future of motoring? (Source: BBC via YouTube)

They don’t make ’em like they used to

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In 1972, the Centurion was Buick’s sportiest model in the division’s full-size lineup. The narrator in this vintage road test describes overall stability as “very good.” How the concept of handling has changed! (Sourc...

Reflections on Photography

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Montreal photographer Peter Clark uses vehicles as a giant reflective surface for his amazing photographs.

Best chase scene ever?

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Many argue that the classic car chase scene in Bullitt (1968) will never be equaled, despite the number of times that VW Beetle appears. Judge for yourself. (Source: YouTube)

Mazda’s move upmarket

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Back in 1988 Mazda aimed to take on the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz with its 929 midsize sedan. At that time, actor (and car guy) James Garner was the voice of Mazda’s commercials. Twenty-five years later, do you t...

Flat fees could harm both dealers and consumers

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Why the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau proposed “flat fee systems” are proving a great deal of concern for U.S. dealers. (Source NADA TV)

Will the sales surge continue?

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Can the solid pace of auto demand continue amid the government strike in the U.S? Jamie Butters and Jason Harper of Bloomberg give their view. (Source: Bloomberg)

Lola Le Mans Car Interviews

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An interview with Lola driver Guy Smith and Radio Le Mans Presenter John Hindhaugh

Car Enthusiast… look at it from our eyes

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This video provides an inside view of what a car means to these individuals— it's involvement in lifestyles.

Simply Impreza…

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Unofficial Commercial. By fans, for fans.

Straight talk

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Auto industry legend Lee Iacocca tells it like it is back in the early 1990s. Makes quite a change from today’s press conferences don’t you think? (Source: YouTube)

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