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Mazda’s move upmarket

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Back in 1988 Mazda aimed to take on the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz with its 929 midsize sedan. At that time, actor (and car guy) James Garner was the voice of Mazda’s commercials. Twenty-five years later, do you t...

Ferrari 458 Speciale – Official video / Video ufficiale

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The style in which the car is presented along with its captivating visuals. This one really creates a rush between viewer and subject.

Lamborghini test driver: best job in the world? YES. Lamborghini and CastrolEDGE

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This guy has every car enthusiasts dream job of being a lead driver for the development of Lamborghini.

Doomed from the start?

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Henry Ford II doesn’t seem convinced in this promo statement for the Edsel brand, launched for 1958 and terminated two years later. If you were a dealer back then, would you have signed up for the franchise? (Source: ...

Will the sales surge continue?

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Can the solid pace of auto demand continue amid the government strike in the U.S? Jamie Butters and Jason Harper of Bloomberg give their view. (Source: Bloomberg)

Simply Impreza…

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Unofficial Commercial. By fans, for fans.

Classic Car Commercials — Small Cars

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A compilation of some classic car commercials from the paranoia about the invasion of European cars to classics like the AMC Pacer this will bring back a few memories.

Interview with Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director

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This interview gives insight on the Infiniti brand— ideas, philosophies, direction and where the company's situated within the automotive industry.

Very Old Car Commercial – Must See

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In this overly dramatic commercial, Oldmobile's new no-shift hydramatic transmission. Now we wouldn't see this type of exaggeration today would we?

In the other corner…

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Meanwhile, here’s what BMW has on view at Paris this year. Small is definitely big it seems. (Source: BMW)

They don’t make ’em like they used to

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In 1972, the Centurion was Buick’s sportiest model in the division’s full-size lineup. The narrator in this vintage road test describes overall stability as “very good.” How the concept of handling has changed! (Sourc...

No steering wheel, non threatening (yet)

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Google’s ambitious plan to build its own car. Designed to look non-threatening and intended for city use, could this humble looking machine change the future of motoring? (Source: BBC via YouTube)

Wait or farm?

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From the dealership showroom. Old-school car salespeople, used to “waiting” for customers clash with a new-school rival who goes “farming” for them. (Source: CarResearch XRM/DealerKnows)

A tribute to the “Rainmaster”

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Ayrton Senna was considered the greatest driver of his generation. Since 2014 marks 20 years since his fatal accident at Imola, here’s a tribute to the one and only “Rainmaster.” (Source: YouTube)

Have European sales bottomed out?

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Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols comments on November’s car sales in Europe. Although things are still far from rosy, especially for automakers such as Fiat and PSA, demand in countries such as Spain and the UK actually pushe...

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