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A tribute to the “Rainmaster”

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Ayrton Senna was considered the greatest driver of his generation. Since 2014 marks 20 years since his fatal accident at Imola, here’s a tribute to the one and only “Rainmaster.” (Source: YouTube)

Mazda values dealer input

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In the U.S. Mazda says it values the feedback from dealers through its NADA Dealer Attitude Survey. The company says it views the results as a yardstick on how the company is performing overall and the more feedback, ...

Wait or farm?

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From the dealership showroom. Old-school car salespeople, used to “waiting” for customers clash with a new-school rival who goes “farming” for them. (Source: CarResearch XRM/DealerKnows)

What does 700 horsepower feel like?

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Probably something like this. Cue SRT Challenger Hellcat. (Source Car and Driver)

In the other corner…

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Meanwhile, here’s what BMW has on view at Paris this year. Small is definitely big it seems. (Source: BMW)

Jaguar takes on the German establishment

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With the Paris Motor Show in full swing, has Jaguar finally got a true rival to the all-conquering BMW 3-Series? (Source: Bloomberg)

Good enough even bank robbers will finance it

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In the 1960s, General Motors’ Pontiac division had some of the most creative advertising going. Check out this Bonnie and Clyde style ad for the 1968 GTO (Source: YouTube)

Biggest burnout ever

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Australia’s Summernats, in Canberra, is home of the world’s biggest burnout contest. In January 2013 the event set a record when 69 cars completed a 30 minute burnout. (Source: Summernats via YouTube)

It’s what’s inside that matters

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Becker Automotive Designs takes a different approach when it comes to high end vehicle exclusivity — like taking your office on the road, literally. Could this be the start of a trend? (Source: Bloomberg via Youtube)

Robert De Niro vintage car commercial

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Before he was famous, actor Robert De Niro could be found on the small screen, promoting AMC’s full-size Ambassador. Check out this rare commercial from 1970. “Hey Richie, get those sneakers off the seat will ya?” (So...

No steering wheel, non threatening (yet)

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Google’s ambitious plan to build its own car. Designed to look non-threatening and intended for city use, could this humble looking machine change the future of motoring? (Source: BBC via YouTube)

Manufacturing a car (time lapse)

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A lot goes into building a car, especially when it’s something as complex as the Chevrolet Volt. This cool time lapse video shows you how it’s done (Source: GTChannel)

Mustang mania

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Exactly 50 years ago, North America was in the midst of “Mustang Mania.” Ford planned to sell 100,000 examples of its new “pony” car the first year but sold more than 680,000! This nearly 12-minute dealer commercial f...

Gasoline versus Electric?

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Which really is best? To find out, why not test one car that offers both powertrains — the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG? (Source: Top Gear)

AutoNation CEO supports Tesla’s retail model

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Mike Jackson, CEO of public dealer group AutoNation in the U.S., says he supports Tesla’s corporate retail model but doesn’t see it as a threat to the franchise system, which he views as still being the most efficient...

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