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Pondering the future of automotive marketing

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Jim Farley, executive vice-president, Global Marketing for Ford Motor Company, talks about the future of marketing in the automotive industry. (Source: Autoline TV)

Flat fees could harm both dealers and consumers

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Why the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau proposed “flat fee systems” are proving a great deal of concern for U.S. dealers. (Source NADA TV)

Will the sales surge continue?

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Can the solid pace of auto demand continue amid the government strike in the U.S? Jamie Butters and Jason Harper of Bloomberg give their view. (Source: Bloomberg)

EV celebration

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“Charge Across Town,” electric vehicle week in San Francisco, highlights the growing popularity of EVs in the city. One in five pure electric vehicles in the U.S. were purchased or leased in San Francisco last year. (...

Piers Morgan Tonight – Gary Vaynerchuk- Thank You Economy Interview

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Social media guru and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is interviewed by CNN host Piers Morgan about his book and his approach to engaging with customers.

Reflections on Photography

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Montreal photographer Peter Clark uses vehicles as a giant reflective surface for his amazing photographs.

The Making of Nissan Sentra SE-R Drift

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Go behind the scenes and see the crew at work making a cool TV commercial for the Nissan Sentra-SE-R Drift.

Classic Car Commercials — Small Cars

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A compilation of some classic car commercials from the paranoia about the invasion of European cars to classics like the AMC Pacer this will bring back a few memories.

Very Old Car Commercial – Must See

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In this overly dramatic commercial, Oldmobile's new no-shift hydramatic transmission. Now we wouldn't see this type of exaggeration today would we?

The 5 best banned car commercials

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Some banned TV commercials that pushed the limits too far.

World’s Great Drag Race!

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Motor Trend puts 11 of the world's best and speediest cars on a giant drag strip for the ultimate drag race.

World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

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The first drag race was so fun, it's worth watching Motor Trend do it again.

BEST of Supercar SOUNDS 2012!

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You can just turn up the speakers, close your eyes and listen to this video featuring the sights -- but mostly the sounds -- of incredible supercars.

Andy Garcia comments on his Top Gear stint

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A behind the scenes look as the Hollywood legend takes his turn as the star in a reasonably priced car. (Source: Top Gear)

Battling ’till the end

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Rush has highlighted the incredible story of the 1976 Formula 1 season, but here’s another gem from F1’s golden decade — a battle to the bitter end between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux in 1979. (Source YouTube/ B...

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