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The Dealership Psychic

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Wouldn't it be nice if someone could anticipate your every need throughout your workday? In this funny video from CAR Research XRM, a dealership gets a little more than they bargained for...

Showroom Watchdog

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A dealership is turned right-side up when a Showroom Watchdog begins training the car sales team how to behave in this funny video from CAR Research XRM.

Steven Rattner on the bailout

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We ask Steven Rattner what the bailout accomplished.

Trevor Boquist on innovation

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We ask Trevor Boquist, what gets you excited?

Proudest accomplishments with Bob Lutz

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Bob Lutz tells us what he's most proud of.

Ramesh Swamy talks Gen Y

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We ask Ramesh Swamy, what's the Gen Y opportunity?

Customer perceptions with Trevor Boquist

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We ask Trevor Boquist, are small town customers different?

Kevin Williams’ fascination with cars

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Kevin Williams on the car business and how he got involved.

Dianne Craig on Ford’s “One Plan”

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Dianne Craig talks to us about Ford's "One Plan".

Jim Carroll– speed wins

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We ask Jim Carroll, where is our industry heading?

Auto Insiders: Michael McCarthy, Dealertrack Canada

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Canadian auto dealer interviews Michael McCarthy, the new General Manager of Dealertrack Canada.

Bob Lutz on eliminating waste

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Bob Lutz talks to us about the cuts you don't want to make.

Auto Insider: Reid Bigland, Chairman, President and CEO, Chrysler Canada Inc.

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Canadian Automotive Video sits down with Reid Bigland, the Chairman, President and CEO of Chrysler Canada Inc.

Ramesh Swamy– become an advocate!

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Ramesh Swamy on "the social media challenge".

Maria Soklis, VP and COO of Kia Canada Inc.

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Patrina Gentile of Canadian Auto Dealer sits down with VP and COO of Kia Canada Inc., Maria Soklis.

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